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If you’re thinking about becoming an independent contractor physician, you must learn about the 5 MIZES.

As an independent contractor physician, you can contribute up to $57k/year (in 2020) towards a SEP IRA or Solo 401k.

As an independent contractor physician, make sure to maximize your business expenses. We’re not talking about spending money you otherwise wouldn’t spend. We’re talking about running those expenses through the business.

As an independent contractor physician, it’s all about you. No one else. No admin. No red tape. Just complete autonomy to help “you do you.”

As an independent contractor physician, everything is fast paced and you want to be super nimble to make adjustments on the fly. You can do so with complete autonomy.

As an independent contractor physician, you can minimize your payroll tax (FICA/Social Security/Medicare) with an LLC and pay yourself via a W2. *Your wages must still be what would be considered reasonable compensation for your position in the video.

Do you have the right disability policy? Is it tax free? Do you know what’s included, and even more important, what’s not? Watch this video on how to make sure you have the right kind of policy with the right carrier.

Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. We hear it all the time in sports, but did you know the same concept is true when it comes to financial planning? Watch this video to learn how.

As a physician, you’re often times the smartest person in the room but just because you CAN do your own financial planning, doesn’t mean you should.

Independent contractor physicians qualify for the Section 199A/Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction but often times make too much income to be fully eligible. Josh Gregg, CPA discuss strategies to help you take advantage of this big tax break.

What keeps physicians up at night? Asset protection. Ike Devji, the nation’s most sought after asset protection attorney gives us strategies every physician should implement...NOW.

Coming out of training, the #1 financial topic for a physician is always student loans. Any good financial plans includes strategies to pay off student loans but NOT at the detriment of your retirement.

Student debt info provided by Kiplinger Article.

Chris Walters, CEO of GradFin, offers tips on how to crush your student loans.

As an independent contractor physician, how could you benefit from switching to an LLC taxed like an S-Corp?  One of the primary benefits is to save on payroll taxes (social security and Medicare).  GenFi owner, Ben Yin, MBA and Senior Partner, Nolan Pendleton, CFP®, role play and break down the details.

How does the 2020 CARES Act affect student loans? Should you refi or forebear? Watch as GenFi owner, Ben Yin, MBA and GradFin CEO, Chris Walters, break it down.