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Politics, Elections, and Your Portfolio

How the 2020 race may impact financial markets

Not surprisingly, many Americans are intensely passionate when it comes to their political beliefs. For some, it’s a fervor that’s rivaled only by their love for a favorite sports team—a passion that all too often leads them to drastically overestimate (either positively or negatively) the economic impact of whichever party happens to be in power.

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How Rebalancing Your Portfolio Can Help Mitigate Market Volatility

Over time, especially during a sustained market run-up or in the aftermath of a major market correction, your portfolio’s asset allocation can gradually, but dramatically, shift from its intended target. Often, this results in a potentially harmful imbalance in which you may unwittingly take on too much risk after the market has soared and too little risk during market lows—the exact opposite of what you had envisioned.

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5 Ways a Post-Pandemic U.S. Might Look Different

And how those changes could affect your financial future

There’s still a long way to go and a great deal of work to be done before COVID-19 is in our rearview mirror. As with any major global crisis, there will inevitably be long-term social, economic, and systematic changes that will arise as a result.

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