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WISE Doctors Video Series

Wisdom, Inspiration, Strategy, and Empowerment
A transformational video series from one doctor to another

Dr. Vicki Rackner debunks the myth of the rich doctor, and talks about how physicians can take the right steps to achieve true financial success and freedom. She shares her own personal journey out of the OR and into a role as a leading speaker and consultant helping other physicians thrive.

Neurologist and national speaker Dr. Romie Mushtaq shares her secrets to living your best life as a physician, including how you have to learn to slow down to ramp up, the concept of “happy brain, happy life”, and the power of breath and mindfulness.

Dr. Billy Cox: Hospitalist, Medical Director, Residency Director, and just obtained his MBA, all while having a young family (3 kids). Dr. Billy Cox is the king of work life balance…how does he do it all?

What’s the biggest challenge transitioning from a Resident to an Attending? Attending Dr. Tim Buff shares his wisdom to 3 EM PGY3’s about to graduate.

Physician burnout is a real epidemic. What are the signs you’re burning out and what can you do? Dr. Dike Drummond, aka the Happy MD, himself a victim of burnout, discusses.

How do you break into leadership? Dr. Yogin Patel, President of ApolloMD, offers his best advice to fast track your career.
Hint: Early on, let your intentions be known.